How Russian Disinformation Model Works In Europe

What You Need To Know:

✅  Fake news, or disinformation, is a form of propaganda which uses social media and other media channels to proliferate fabricated news stories.

✅  Ukraine is a prominent example of how fake news has been used in recent years. According to Yevhen Fedchenko, director of the Kyiv Mohyla School of Journalism: “Ukraine was one of the places where Russia was using information warfare alongside traditional, kinetic warfare”.

✅ Organisations such as are trying to combat fake news by gathering together and debunking some of these fabricated stories in order to “prove that this does exist, this phenomenon is around and it’s very influential and very vast, and it’s very systematic.”

✅ The documentary ‘Nothing but lies – fighting fake news’ is meant to explain the Ukrainian context of fake news and why it would be important for people in other countries to look.