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Dear Friends,

As the situation on Hrushevskoho heats up – riot police are using rubber bullets, compression grenades and tear gas against protesters with sticks, stones and molotov cocktails – and with the President doing nothing except set up a working group headed by Andriy Kluyev, the Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, a man that many believe is implicated in the beating of the students, the situation is escalating.

Europe has done nothing except call for dialogue.

Klitschko is appealing to everyone to go to maidan as this is the last stand for a free Ukraine.

The next 24-48 hours are PIVOTAL and the future of a free Ukraine will be decided shortly.

1. Please send out the UCC press release from Saturday to all asap. It is attached.

2. Please ask that EVERY Ukrainian-Canadian do 3 things today to help Ukraine in this hour of need:

a. Call your Member of Parliament, Call Foreign Minister Baird’s office and the Prime Minister’s Office. I know PM is out but office can register the call.
b. Follow up with an e-mail to each one.
c. Suggest following message:
Canada must act swiftly and decisively in taking a principled position on the situation in Ukraine.
Canada was the first Western nation to recognize Ukraine’s independence in 1991.
Canada was the third country to declare war on Germany in 1939, after Britain and France.
Canada must ensure Ukraine does not become a police state like Russia and Belarus. If the world wants peace in Eastern Europe, Canada must take the lead and act quickly and decisively. We call to the Canadian government to be the first nation to call for a stop to Ukraine becoming the “North Korea of Europe”.
As a Canadian of Ukrainian descent, I call for Canada to immediately implement visa restrictions and individual financial sanctions against those responsible for perpetrating the violations of human rights and freedoms in Ukraine. The names and photos are attached.
The situation is escalating quickly, we need to make sure ALL Canadians who care are calling the government today.”

Orest Steciw
League of Ukrainian Canadians